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Evan Gluck is an internationally recognized guitar technician. He has been a regular lecturer at conventions for the Guild of American Luthiers (GAL) and for the Association of Stringed Instruments Artisans (ASIA). He has also been a guest lecturer at the Galloup School of Lutherie, the Luthiers Interactive North Texas (LINT), and the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin.


Since 2004, he has repaired thousands of instruments out of the shop that he runs from his home in upper Manhattan. Prior to that, he worked for over 15 years in retail and repairs for leading musical instrument stores in New York City. In the 90's, while Manny's Music was the top guitar retailer in the country, he was recognized as their top guitar salesperson. He has been a professional bass player since he was 13.

Evan Gluck presenting at the Guild of American Luthiers, 2017

Stewart MacDonald profiles Evan in their trade secret video series Super fun :)




Basic Setup: $90 + sales tax

While-you-wait & next day service (depending on availability).

Electric, steel string, classical, 12-string, basses.

Setups include nut, truss rod and intonation adjustment, cleaning and polishing frets and fretboard, tightening loose hardware, spraying and cleaning of electronics, pickup height adjustment, cleaning

Strings are not included in the price. D'adarrio strings are stocked in the shop or you may provide your own.

All setups include a 30-day warranty.

Evan in shop Aug 2018.png

Electronic jobs start at $20.

Pickup installation and replacement.

Pot/jack replacements.

Full rewires and custom rewiring.

No amps or pedal repairs.

Authorized dealer of Fishman, K&K acoustic guitar pickups, and Aguilar bass pickups and pre-amps. Available only with installation.



Nut replacement

Nut repairs

Grind & Polish

Fret polishing, leveling and crowning.
Partial Refrets
Full Refrets

Guitar Setup Tutorials
No refinishing, or finish work of any kind.

I do not offer referrals for finish work.

Check online guitar forums and social media for local recommendations.

Additional Information

By appointment only.

Drop off only. No shipments of instruments.


Instruments must be dropped off with case or gig bag.


Services not offered: amplifier and pedal repair; re-finishing and finishing.

Repairs only. No retail sales unless parts are required for repair.



Wow! I've done a couple thousand tunes-ups myself and have had a hand in fretwork, but I know Evan's first class results when I see 'em! Do these babies play perfect now!! Perfect work, done FAST, at low cost. Every guitar sold in NYC should go thru Evan's shop.

BRUCE HELGESON, Jazz guitarist

Evan Gluck does difficult things as if they were easy. The delight he takes in living is utterly manifest in his work. He is an Artist & a Craftsman to whom I would trust the most difficult jobs."
Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Steve Reich, Bang on a Can, PolygraphLounge, etc.

Evan is a great guy, very knowledgeable, fast and affordable. What more could we ask for?


I've brought Evan some serious problems and he's worked it out every time. He just won't quit til he finds a solution and if a standard fix doesn't do it, he invents a new one. He's worked wonders on my fav solid-body electric & fixed a devastating crack on a vintage acoustic. I keep trying to stump him, but he outfoxes me every time...
DAVID FIRST, Guitarist, The Notekillers


If you're a guitar player then you know how important it is to develop a rapport with a luthier or guitar technician that you can trust. This person has to be able to read your mind and help you to play at your best. Look no further; Evan Gluck is the best guitar tech I've ever found, and I've been playing guitar in NYC for 20 years. He really knows his stuff, is favored among top players, and is incredibly reasonably priced (and a cool guy.) PLUS he does rush jobs without complaining. How can ya beat it? Give him a try, you won't go back to your old guy.
JASON TORRES, unsolicited write-up in CitiPet Newsletter

Evan is hands down the BEST tech I have ever worked with in the whole damn city! This guy does everything. His prices are a bargain for the kick-ass workmanship. ALWAYS two-thumb up! My hand wasn't tired after a couple of hours of playing last night.

CRAIG'S LIST; Anonymous Posting


Evan's the man. Not only is he the nicest guy you'll ever meet, he's also quick, conscientious, and brave. If you have a wacky idea, Evan's down to try to make it a reality. If you need guitar work Evan's really the guy to check out, and he's got Legos. Legos!



I used to bring my guitars back to Italy with me for repairs, until I finally met Evan.



Evan just finished working on my Ibanez Artcore and my Fender Stratocaster, I can not sing enough praise for his luthier work. My guitars are as happy as I am. I whole heartedly recommend his services. Evan is as knowledgeable and efficient with his guitar skills as he is with his people skills; just a really nice person.



I feel like I have a new instrument. I feel like a new player, at least. Evan, if I may be blunt, you did fucking amazing work on my instrument. I plugged it in last night and man, it sounds awesome and plays easier than it ever has... I'm not just a satisfied customer I'm truly amazed. I was slamming on that thing last night!



I wanted to thank you for the excellent work. You've made my bass sound and feel so much better that it's noticeably improved my enjoyment of the instrument. You've also saved me from making an unnecessary purchase of a new bass. Thanks very much.



Thanks so much again. Both guitars sound and play incredible! I really appreciate the thorough time and care you put into the work and details. They sound, and play, as good as they possibly could, the Strat maybe better than ever…



Hi Evan, I wanted to say thanks again for your work on my guitar. It literally plays and feels like it did the day I bought it...better even! I can't put it down.



Thanks for the great setup man!! The 7-string is a beast once again. I don't think it played this good when I first got it. The guitar looks great, plays great and sounds great. You do great work. Thanks again.



Evan Gluck is a musician and a repair man, he understands exactly what one needs, does it quickly and efficiently! Praise the Man!



Great job, man! I will always support your sexy ass.



To book an appointment
email Evan at

If email isn't possible, call 917-865-0412 between 10am - 7pm. Emails are preferred.

By appointment only.

Please do not correspond by texts or through social media messages. Thank you.


The shop is located in upper Manhattan.

No shipments of instruments accepted. Drop-off only.
Instruments must be in a case or a gig bag.

Evan Gluck shop2.jpg


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Speaking With Bass

Alex The Cat

My Place

Noodle Pudding

I can See Clearly


Take Your Time

Crazy Fingers

Sea Miner

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Blues for Challah


All compositions written and performed on bass by Evan Gluck

Go Tell It On The Mountain (traditional, arrangement by Simon & Garfunkel)
I Can See Clearly (Jimmy Cliff, arrangement by Johnny Nash)
Crazy Fingers (Grateful Dead)

Everything played on bass, other than the drum machine. There are no keyboards, guitars, midi, or pitch shifting devices of any kind.

Recorded between 2000-03. Mastered by John Fitzwater. Basses are a 1985 Fretless 6-string Fodera and a 1988 fretted 6-string Fodera. Recorded on a Roland VS880 and a Boss DR660 for drums.

Thanks for listening!

Evan playing bass, 2000.jpg

Evan playing with his band, Mr. Sparkle, 2000

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